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Zealand, Germany and Sweden

Sales Partners - Franchise Holders




Our client is CostPartner, a leading consulting company with profound background in optimizing business within logistics and administration. 

  • 2000 customers have in average obtained 20 % savings on transport and logistics through optimization.
  • Leading experts help customers to optimize.
  • Your responsibility will be to liase between customers in a selling role/negotiate agreements and connect to professional consultants in CostPartner.

About CostPartner

Over the years, we have assembled a team of Danish, Swedish and German specialists, helping them to develop into some of the best and most experienced project managers in transport and logistics optimisation.

We function as your company’s sounding board, labour resource and ideas bank through the entirety of the process and we are with you all the way, from analysis to implementation. In close cooperation with you, we delve into all the details so that, taken together; they can lead to the optimal solution with appreciable savings on the bottom line.

That is why we are called CostPartner.

We mean it when we say that we can find ways to save on the costs of transport and logistics within the vast majority of companies. We make very thorough optimization projects, investigating possible price, logistic and technical optimization, and we have an 20% average saving history. That is why we always offer a No cure – No Pay agreement, with a free and non-binding preliminary analysis of the options for optimization in your company. One of our experienced employees will take a look at your company’s process and day-to-day operations and make suggestions for future proceedings. We draw on extensive knowledge and market insight and our role is to be independent and objective consultants.


History of CostPartner

CostPartner was founded in 2001 and over the years has developed a unique business concept. We have made more than 2000 projects, which probably makes CostPartner the best and most experienced company in the business.

In the years since our foundation, we have enjoyed tremendous growth and four times been appointed Gazelle and once voted Entrepreneur of the Year within our business.

Today, we are represented in 3 countries by our offices, situated in Silkeborg, Stockholm and Hamburg.

From being a small entrepreneurial company with a good idea, we have become a leading international consultancy firm in transport and logistics optimisation. But we remain industry professionals who know the transport and logistics industry from within.


Company values

We are decent and honest people

We see opportunities instead of limitations

We want to create results that last


For further information visit:


District for franchise holder:

The geographical district is negotiable with Costpartner A/S.


Job description



Partner Agreement Contract.



Activities of Sales and Marketing for products and services in a specific geographical area.

Introduction course in Silkeborg or Hamburg.


Rights and duties for the Franchise Partner:

The rights to use CostPartners branding, logos and sales materials.

Right to manage contacts with new and potential customers, planning of meetings and agreements.

CostPartner expect the Franchise Holder to update the CRM system and sales Management tools.

Franchise Holder has to accept rules, procedures and recommendations concerning the sales of Cost Partners products.

Franchise Holder is offered an attractive commission agreement. You incur all costs for transport, hotels, meals, office and communication etc.


Rights and duties for CostPartner:

CostPartner is obliged to provide relevant sales materials for Franchise Holders disposal.

CostPartner will give Franchise Holder all relevant information, for sales of projects.

CostPartner has the right to accept or refuse new contracts after own judgement.




Place of residence:

Denmark, Germany or Sweden – in office specified by yourself. (Home Office).



Danish for the Danish Market

German and Danish for the German Market

Swedish and Danish for the Swedish Market


Theoretical background:

A mercantile background or other relevant theoretical background.


Professional background:

Experience with sales, marketing, worked on C-level with high level of BtB contacts.


For yderligere oplysninger kontakt i fortrolighed partner Stig Andersen på tlf. 2834 6465

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