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The geographical area in Germany to be negotiated with CostPartner A/S.


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Our client:


Our client is a leading consulting company with profound background in optimizing Business within logistics and administration.


·         2000 customers have in average obtained 18 % savings on transport and logistics through optimization.

·         Leading experts help customers to optimize.

·         Your responsibility will be to liase between customers in a selling role/negotiate agreements and connect to professional consultants in CostPartner


About CostPartner

Over the years, we have assembled a team of Danish, Swedish and German specialists, helping them to develop into some of the best and most experienced project managers in transport and logistics optimisation.

We function as your company’s sounding board, labour resource and ideas bank through the entirety of the process and we are with you all the way, from analysis to implementation. In close cooperation with you, we delve into all the details so that, taken together; they can lead to the optimal solution with appreciable savings on the bottom line.

That is why we are called CostPartner.

We mean it when we say that we can find ways to save on the costs of transport and logistics within the vast majority of companies. We make very thorough optimization projects, investigating possible price, logistic and technical optimization, and we have an 18% average saving history. That is why we always offer a No cure – No Pay agreement, with a free and non-binding preliminary analysis of the options for optimization in your company. One of our experienced employees will take a look at your company’s process and day-to-day operations and make suggestions for future proceedings. We draw on extensive knowledge and market insight and our role is to be independent and objective consultants.

History of CostPartner

CostPartner was founded in 2001 and over the years has developed a unique business concept. We have made more than 2000 projects, which probably make CostPartner the best and most experienced company in the business. In the years since our foundation, we have enjoyed tremendous growth and four times been appointed Gazelle and once voted Entrepreneur of the Year within our business.

Today, we are represented in 3 countries by our offices, situated in Silkeborg, Stockholm and Hamburg.

From being a small entrepreneurial company with a good idea, we have become a leading international consultancy firm in transport and logistics optimisation. But we remain industry professionals who know the transport and logistics industry from within.


Company values

·         We are decent and honest people

·         We see opportunities instead of limitations

·         We want to create results that last

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Job description



Sales Partner.


Type of employment:


Independent franchise partner agreement.


Areas of Responsibilities:

Sales and marketing activities of products and consultancy services.


Participation in an introductory course in Silkeborg / Denmark.


Rights and obligations of Franchise Partner:


Right to use CostPartner branding, trademarks and sales material.


Maintains self-contact with potential customers and self-organizing and scheduling agreements.


Update of CRM system and sales tracking tools.


Compliance with guidelines, operating instructions and recommendations regarding sales of the company's products.


Franchise Partner is offered an attractive commission agreement, and therefore costs for transportation, stay, office and communications, etc.


Rights and obligations of CostPartner:


CostPartner is obliged to provide relevant sales material.


CostPartner provides all the information that is relevant to the sale of projects.


CostPartner has the right to accept or refuse contracts entered into at its sole discretion

Personal profile


Place of residence:


Germany or Denmark



German, Danish and English


Professional background:

The candidate has experience with sales and marketing, or worked at C-level (CEO, CFO, CSO etc.) with a large external commercial interface.



Personal characteristics:













Through natural authority and professional competence, the candidate can create respect, trust and credibility around his person. Possessing good impact, is innovative and convincing in its communication form.


Is targeted, capable of planning and organizing and is persistent and structured in his / her way of working.


Is action-oriented, possesses a good overview and has a high stress threshold that enables them to handle pressured situations by maintaining calm and prioritization.


Has analytical skills, is good at listening and has a good situational feeling.


Is quality conscious and customer oriented and able to comply with agreements and accept deadlines.


Is flexible in his mind, has humour and can, through motivation and involvement, create collaboration across the organization. The candidate has a sympathetic personality, is loyal and shows respect for other people.




CostPartner Franchise Partner


  1. Is it a full time job to be a franchise partner?

No, We would like to have dedicated Franchise Partners who have 100% focus on selling CostPartner products and consultancy services in transport logistics and transport optimization in the particular sales region, but it is not a requirement that the Franchise Partner is fully engaged in the sale of our services.


  1. Is there a need for professional experience from the transport industry?

Industry knowledge will be an absolute advantage, but not a "must". CostPartner will stand for intensive training


  1. What is the gross monthly earnings?

A realistic budget shows a sale of 12 contracts per year and a gross income of € 150,000 p.a.


  1. Do I need special locations to work with the concept?

No, but a well-equipped home office with computer, internet access, email and color printer is a necessity. The office must be in undisturbed surroundings.


  1. How long is the start-up phase?

The first customer contract can in principle be signed immediately. Normally, the first 2 months will go with introduction and training as well as booking of the first customer meetings.


  1. How much money should I invest?

In addition to a home office, a car and training time there is no investment.


  1. What happens if I want to sell the company?

FP's rights under the FP contract may be sold to 3rd party, but the transfer must be previously approved by CP.


  1. Should I hire employees?

It is CP's wish to utilize / develop the full market potential in a given sales region. Sales regions are such that there are prospects for several employees. It would therefore be natural for FP to hire additional sales staff to assist in sales in that region.


  1. Why grow with a franchising concept

Franchising has many advantages for both parties.

Franchise Partner comes on the market with few or no competitors. There is thus a great opportunity to "create the market". The customer base is all companies with annual transport costs of over € 400,000. Since the investment in the concept at the same time is very limited including no payment of royalties, the risk / return ratio makes very attractive for the skilled franchise partner.


Franchise Partners with the right background and a professional network as well as access to the regional market allow CostPartner to establish more quickly here. Local presence and building customer relations and trust is crucial.


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