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Electronics Engineer - new position

SaltPower is the World's first commercial energy production technology based on osmosis. At SaltPower we focus on the osmosis principle to produce clean and CO2-free energy by harnessing the potential energy of saltwater and water.Salt is clean power – turned into CO2-free energy. We will run out of oil before we run out of salt. Salt is an untapped natural resource with the energy production potential necessary to support the transition to a carbon neutral and sustainable world.

SaltPower owned by Jørgen Mads Clausen (chairman of Danfoss) will convert saltwater from the underground into electricity. With million grants from the Danish Energy Agency, it has got the technology in place and built a mobile power plant.



With reference to the Engineering Manager you will be responsible for design and development of SCADA applications, PLC and field bus applications.

Further you will be responsible for development and drawing/design of HMI applications and electric schematics and related communication with sub-suppliers. In your role, you need to align with other engineering disciplines and be able to identify and describe interfaces.

The department will handle execution of all engineering projects. Especially you will be involved in executing commercial customer projects and can have direct customer contact after sales has handed over the contract.

There is already a process department in place that is responsible for R&D and process calculations that will support your work. You can expect some travel activities in relation to customer meetings during the sales phase and execution phase. Also, you will have the contact and inspection of sub suppliers.

You will be responsible for assisting and solve possible problems with sub-contractors of key component for the process plant.



You have a background as an electronics engineer. You have experience with PLC programming, SCADA, HMI design, various field bus applications, electric schematics.

You have experience with

  • Working structured with project execution and project execution models
  • Commissioning
  • Procurement
  • Making electronic diagrams
  • Documentation and operating instructions
  • Building equipment and system integration
  • Creation of D&P-FMEA´s
  • Creation of specifications for procurement
  • You may have experience from building reverse osmosis plant or from oil, power or chemical industry.

Personal profile

We are looking for an experienced engineer with at least 5-8 years of experience. You have a background where you preferable have experience in building first of a kind process plant/equipment or relevant experience from water treatment systems.

Quality is important to you and when necessary you can dig into details. You are able to execute a task within your own field of expertise and you have good knowledge of other engineering disciplines. You are flexible and able to work in a start-up company. You passionate about your work and want to play a role in the green energy transition.

You will be part of a young passionate team that all try to make a difference.


More information

For more information please contact Lohff Management, partner Preben Svendsen +45 40441493, or partner Christian Enghave +45 40441492.

You can apply by using the link "Opret ansøgning" above this job description.